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The Book House, Summertown

Our lovely Fat Puffin has lived outside the Book House for the past 35 years.

He came as a gift from Puffin Books to celebrate our opening: we were one of the first specialist children’s bookshops in the country!

Puffin Books were pioneers in the field of children’s publishing; indeed they remain one of the most important publishers of quality children’s literature and their logo is instantly recognisable.

Fat Puffin is a landmark in Thame High Street, and during his years of Sentry Duty he has twice faced dangers at the demands of kidnappers …once a ransom had to be paid (to a local charity) in order to obtain his release from a most precarious position: dangling from a rope at the top of the Town Hall!

A few years ago Fat Puffin found a girlfriend – whose name (chosen by popular vote in Thame’s primary schools) is Muffin.

Here are Muffin and Fat Puffin celebrating their 70th Birthday!

Muffin has been an indoors bird recently, but is making a fashionable reappearance this summer.

Fat Puffin still represents the best in Children’s literature, which is why he is still smiling on our doorstep!

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